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The main reason most of us buy insurance is to protect ourselves in the event of a loss. Once a loss occurs we want covered claims to be handled fairly and expeditiously. Unfortunately, the claims process can be complex and frustrating to many. Thus, while InSource does not actually settle claims that is the function and responsibility of the companies we can certainly help our insureds navigate through the process. To that end our clients can expect the following help from us:
  • Once reported to us, the claim shall be submitted promptly to the company.
  • Detailed explanation as to what will happen and when.
  • Description of the duties of the client after a loss and the duties and obligations of the insurance company.
  • Advice as to whether a small claim should even be submitted in order to protect our clients long term interest.
  • Follow up from InSource as to the status of the claim.
  • Advocacy on behalf of our clients where appropriate and necessary.