Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy and Practices of
InSource, and its Affiliates
InSource, Inc understands your privacy is important. We value our relationship with you and are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your non-public personal information (NPI). This policy explains why we collect NPI, how we use NPI, and how we protect your privacy.

The nature of our insurance business requires that we gather certain NPI about you in order to provide you with insurance products and services. Most of this NPI comes directly from you on insurance applications or other forms, whether in hard copy or electronic format. NPI includes, but is not limited to, telephone numbers, premises and / or email address, date of birth, social security number, occupation, income, and health history. We also maintain information about your transactions (premium, policy number, claim detail, etc) with us, our affiliates, or others. We may also receive NPI from third parties, including consumer reporting agencies, insurance companies, employers, service providers, insurance support organizations, health care providers, and others.

We restrict access to your NPI to authorized individuals who need to know this NPI in order to provide insurance products and service to you.

We restrict access to our premises, provide 24 hour premises security, password protect our electronic systems, and have procedural safeguards in place that protect your NPI.

We do not disclose NPI about our former, current, or future clients to anyone, except as permitted by law.

Our employees are trained in the use and protection of your NPI and use it only as authorized by you or for a specific business purpose. Employees who violate our privacy policy or practices are subject to disciplinary action.

Consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we are permitted to share this NPI with our affiliates, such as other insurance agencies, insurance companies, insurance service providers, and health care providers, banks, and companies that provide marketing services for us. Affiliates and third parties to whom we may disclose this NPI provide insurance, business or professional services for us and are required to provide adequate security standards to protect this NPI. We do not authorize affiliates to use or share your NPI except where necessary in the performance of their work for us. When necessary, we ask your permission before sharing NPI about you.

You may request access to certain NPI we have collected to provide you with insurance products and services. Your request must be in writing and mailed to us at InSource, P.O. Box 561567, Miami, Fla. 33256-1567. Include your full name, address, telephone number and the specific NPI you are requesting. If we need disclosures or releases before your NPI may be sent to you, we will provide the appropriate forms. We may charge a reasonable fee to cover our copying costs.

If you believe NPI we have about you is inaccurate, please write to us at the above address, include your full name, address and telephone number, and your explanation why you believe your NPI is inaccurate. If we agree with you, we will correct your NPI, notify you of the correction, and, at your written request, notify any other party who may have received the incorrect NPI from us in the past two years. If we disagree with your request, we will tell you we are not going to revise your NPI and the reason(s) for our refusal. At your written request, we will include your request for correction and our reason(s) for refusal with your disputed NPI and will provide your statement any time we disclose the disputed NPI.

You do not need to call us, or do anything as a result of this notice. It is meant to inform you of how we safeguard your NPI. You may wish to file this notice with your insurance papers.

For additional information about our Privacy Policy and Practices, and to view a copy of our HIPAA Privacy Notice, please write to Privacy Officer at the above address.

We reserve the right to modify this notice. We will provide you with a new notice if we make material changes to our Privacy Policy and Practices.

We value our relationship with you and continuously strive to remain your trusted advisor.

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