Personal Insurance Solutions

Our top priority is ensuring your peace of mind with personal insurance coverages which match your lifestyle, assets, and concerns. When a claim is necessary, we are there to walk you through the process and serve as your dedicated advocate to get you the best outcome possible.

personal auto insurance


We believe value and service come hand in hand. We also believe that relationships still matter. That’s why as an InSource client you will have a personal insurance broker dedicated to helping you with all of your personal insurance needs.

marine insurance

Boat and Watercraft

The boat owners policy provides a combination of coverages. Most policies will provide coverage for liability, physical damage, and medical payments. Some policies offer additional coverages such as, emergency service, life salvage coverage, coverage for repairs after a loss, coverage for emergency first aid, and uninsured boaters coverage.

real estate insurance


The InSource team has helped clients secure appropriate homeowners coverage for various home situations, including high-end luxury homes, multiple homes, vacation homes, and rental properties.

personal insurance plans


In addition to umbrella insurance, InSource offers specialty insurance to provide extra coverage for the unique things and events in your life. These policies may also provide additional liability protection.

umbrella insurance policy


The Personal Umbrella Policy was designed to provide coverage in the event of a catastrophic claim, lawsuit, or judgment. Personal umbrella policies provide excess liability insurance over the insured’s basic primary policies, such as the homeowners, personal auto and boaters policies.